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At the Pinson Pelvic Health Center, we understand that each patient has specific needs, and desires for their own health. We encourage our patients to participate in their care.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Pelvic floor rehabilitation utilizes biofeedback training method. Biofeedback is a tool to help patients learn how to perform pelvic muscle exercises (Kegel exercises). The patient must be motivated to actively participate in training sessions and follow through by practicing at home in-between sessions. The goal of biofeedback-assisted pelvic muscle exercise is the facilitation of voluntary control over the process of urination.

Female Hormonal Therapies

Pre- and post- menopausal women can both experience symptoms related to changes in their hormones. Hormones and hormone blocking therapies can be prescribed to help alleviate the symptoms of conditions affected by abnormal hormone levels. If you would like to learn more, see the basic explanation of hormonal therapies here.

Incontinence therapies

Incontinence therapies include behavioral modification, Kegel exercises, and change in urination habits. Treatments include pessaries, medications, pelvic muscle strengthening, and surgery. To read more about these options, please see our incontinence therapies page.

da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Dr. Pinson is board certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, and is a premier robotic surgeon in the area. The DaVinci Robotic Surgical System is a minimally invasive surgical option that utilizes smaller incisions, and more precise surgical repairs. This results in faster healing times, and our patients returning to their normal daily lives faster with fewer side effects.

With the da Vinci System, miniaturized wristed instruments and a high-definition 3D camera allow the surgeon to operate with enhanced vision and control. Although often referred to as a robot, the surgeon is 100 percent in control of the da Vinci System. The camera relays a magnified, high-resolution 3D image of the surgical site.

Urgent® PC Therapy for Overactive Bladder

Bladder confidence and control without drugs and surgery.

Since 2003, healthcare professionals have used the Urgent PC Neuromodulation System to treat overactive bladder and associated symptoms of urinary urgency, urinary frequency and urge incontinence. Talk to your clinician to learn more about these symptoms.

The Urgent PC system delivers a specific type of neuromodulation called percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS). During treatment, a small, slim needle electrode is inserted near your ankle. The needle electrode is then connected to the battery-powered stimulator. During your 30-minute treatment, mild impulses from the stimulator travel through the needle electrode, along your leg and to the nerves in your pelvis that control bladder function.

You will receive an initial series of 12 treatments, typically scheduled about a week apart. After the initial 12 treatments, your clinician will work with you to determine a personal treatment plan to maintain your results with occasional treatments.

Urgent PC Therapy

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